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With expertise in both Hardscaping and Softscaping, we are able to complete full Landscaping projects from start to finish. As designers, we do not impose ideas on our clients, but rather help clients discover the “hidden” vision that, most often, already exists. After examining the goals and constraints of the project, we begin to develop initial design solutions that help us determine the range of possible solutions. We will work with you to create the perfect lawn and outdoor space of your dreams. We are very astute in recognizing the preferences and needs of our clients.

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During schematic design we:

Our Experts Adapt

To Complex Situations

We work closely with the Builder’s Project Managers and the Landscape Architect in order to complete the project according to plan. Many times, plans need to be adjusted in the field because “real world” conditions make the Architect’s plans untenable. We are able to work with the builder to reconfigure designs (planting and/or irrigation and/or hardscape) to better suit the conditions. Though we usually work with a Landscape Architect, we have our own in-house landscaping design team providing design of irrigation and landscape complete with recommended trees, turf, shrubs, and lighted walkways.